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About the Landscape Website, and Larry Darnell.


I wanted to build a resource for myself.

Landscape photography and art are a lifetime interest for me. When I decided to go about redesigning my own website to showcase my work, I had also been making a collection of the works of others I could use as a personal reference.

I've long been an interested student in the works of others, both painters and photographers for many years, so I thought I would share collected images, biographies, links, books and whatever else I might gather. These include a bibliography of books and printed material.

There has been a certain friction between some landscape painters and landscape photographers regarding the validity of each. Personally, I couldn't care less which is 'better' on any level. So my bias is clear and stated up front. Since landscape painting has been around much longer than landscape photography, I find it to be a much deeper area of study.


About me

I spent my early years influenced in the New Hope art community growing up next to William Lathop's home. A number of local artists' families were family friends and teachers. My love for the impressionist landscape started then, and the landscape of Southeastern Pennsylvania has a very special place in my heart.

I studied art at the Solebury School and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. I moved to California in 1973 and have remained a resident since then in Central Coastal California, whose landscape I also love.

I was engaged for 20 years in motion pictures and television: producing music, programs, commercials and a variety of work-for-hire about which I have little regard, and a distaste for.


In 1997 I revisited my interest in landscape photography and with the birth of digital photography began creating my own stylistic approach to it.

My basic desire has been to gather the images at a location, return to my computer and printer and produce something that does not have the feel of a fine art photograph; perhaps more of the reverse of hyperrealistic painting.

My greatest body of work has taken place near my home in the San Lorenzo Valley in the Coastal Santa Cruz Mountains.

As required, I will gather and share the necessary artist statement and list of shows to validate my right to assert my status as a serious artist...sometime soon. The link will appear here.

At the very least, I will be building my resourse. At the most, I hope you will find something of value here.

Larry Darnell