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About the Artist

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Thank you very much for your interest in my work. Please feel free to contact me via email, phone or mail.

Larry Darnell
1321 Lost Acre Drive
Felton, CA 95018
(831) 335-3929

Press Releases

You may read the most current press release link at Fine Art America by clicking here. Additional information is available at my blog.

About the Artist

I started my fine art career in 2003. Leaving a graphics major at Carnegie-Mellon University in 1970 for an award-winning 30 year career in television and motion pictures. Following that, I've spent 7 years as a marketing consultant, webdesigner, commercial photographer with advertising and layouts in national publications. Click here to see some of my commercial work. Never far from photography, graphics and fine art, my focus for the past 5 years has been to develop painterly landscape images from my photographs.

Greatly influenced by regional artists in Eastern Pennsylvania where I grew up; and regional photographers and painters in Central California, where I live, you will see many influences from Charles Sheeler, Ben Shahn, Edward Redfield, Ansel Adams, the Westons, Timothy O'Sullivan, Carlton Watkins, Granville Redmond and many other realists on my work.

While photography has been a major interest for decades, only recently with the advent of Macintosh-based Photoshop have I been able to join my interest in landscape photography with painting. In my formative years, I worked in many media including painting and printmaking, including the recently developed photo-based silk screening. My present work is a logical continuum in my using photography as a tool for a final image.

To preserve the unique and limited nature of original art work, I have chosen to limit the number of prints produced from any of my images. In the creative process, I work toward the realization of a particular image which I consider my 'original.' That particular print is labeled the 'original.' Following that image will be no more than 20 signed and numbered limited edition prints made. There may be one canvas print made. There will never be any subsequent signed prints made in the future.

Recently recognized in Art Business News' Emerging Artist Section, I have shown in California galleries, and has had numerous commercial photographs and ad layouts published nationally.

Artist Statement

Places without people have always appealed to me. Solitude is rejuvenating. As modern life increases in its intensity, my need for time apart from it increases proportionately.

I have spent my working life in various creative endeavors: motion pictures, television, music and graphic arts. Over the past decade, I have been developing several photographic-based painting and printing styles mostly with California and Western landscapes as subject.

My intent and desire is to discover a place, unique in its quietude; contemplative, and record it's essence to share with the viewer. To that end, if I can revisit and relive the spirit of place as I work the image, I sense a much greater chance of achieving this goal with the final image. If the viewer is able to join with me in this appreciation, my success is complete.


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