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2012 Shows

Maryland Federation of Art
12th Annual American Landscapes Show

Exhibition Dates: August 17- September 16, 2012
Juror: Susan Behrends Frank, The Phillips Collection

Matzke Art Garden 5
Matzke Sculpture Park Panorama #5
Sense of Place Revealed

This panoramic image was shot in April 2012 on Camino Island, WA at Karla Matzke's Gallery and Sculpture Park. This, one of a series of panoramas shot on an overcast afternoon, is certainly the most fanciful of the series, featuring the remarkable Western red cedar as the main focal point of the image. The paths through the native trees, ferns and plants have been groomed to an organized informality in this quite wild area adjacent to Puget Sound: the natural beauty has been revealed more than created, as literally cubic yards of blackberries and other undergrowth was removed.

I tend to choose environments as subjects that are less intentional and more wild, but Karla Matzke has done a remarkable job of editing the landscape and adding art to it in such a clever and enjoyable way, I had to capture it. While leaden overcast drizzling days don't seem appropriate for decent photography, as my trip through British Columbia for 2 days before had yielded only a few good shots, the flat lighting was such that the magic of the location became apparent. The more even light helped to eliminate the wide spread of light and shadow that a sunny day would create. The light level was quite low, however, and the longer exposures required a tripod. Luckily the air was fairly still, which is needed for long exposures so the branches and leaves don't turn into ghostly apendages. Further, when stitching images together, the shots when joined along their vertical edges need to have branches and leaves in the same place so they will match. You'll notice near the lower left hand corner the fern frond was moving ever so much creating some blur. Finally, the last benefit of the light is the range of greens from emerald to lemon and a bunch in between that populate the image.

Technically, the image sent to the show is a combination of 6 digital images, stitched in Photoshop and printed to an Epson Pro 4880 8 color inkjet printer using archival inks and printed on Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art paper. It is the 5th artist proof made, by me, specifically for this show. Signed and numbered. The size of the print is 16" x 61." It is museum matted, framed with black moulding and plexiglas.

This was the first opportunity I have had to use the Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II Tilt-Shift prime lens on my Canon T2i camera. It is most likely the sharpest lens I've ever used. While bulky and heavier than I would choose, the main reason for using it for landscape work is its ability to assist in shooting panoramas and correct perspective problems otherwise only available to shooters with view cameras. Did I mention it is incredibly sharp?

Should you have a chance to visit the Seattle area, I recommend stopping by this location which is about an hour and a half from Seattle. It will be well worth your time, and take time to check out the gallery while you are there.

I will be publishing a folio of the combined images from this location online and in print.

Maryland Federation of Art
The Maryland Federation of Art is a non-profit visual art organization dedicated to promoting awareness, appreciation and support of artists through community outreach, education, and exhibition opportunities to artists at all levels.

The MFA was established in 1963 by US Navy Commander Charles Holley, Mrs. Margaret Farmer, and a group of dedicated Annapolis-area artists interested in developing professional exhibit opportunities for Maryland's creative community. As a result of their dedication, the Circle Gallery was founded in Annapolis, Maryland, and continues more than 45 years later as the oldest operating artist gallery in Maryland.

The MFA focuses on encouraging emerging and under-represented artists and strives to meet the developing needs of all artists, at all career stages. In addition to its member-only artist shows, the MFA also hosts solo and small group exhibits and sponsors regional and national competitions, inviting artists from across the US to submit works for consideration. These exhibits provide Maryland audiences and the many national and international visitors to the Annapolis-based Circle Gallery with the opportunity to view original work from every region of the country and to expand on their understanding of art.

18 State Circle, Annapolis MD, 21401

Juror: Susan Behrends Frank, The Phillips Collection
Dr. Susan Behrends Frank is Associate Curator for Research at The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC, specializing in modern European and American art. She has organized and curated numerous exhibitions, including East Meets West: Hiroshige at The Phillips Collection (2005); American Impressionism: Paintings from The Phillips Collection (2007); The Eight: Rebels for American Art (2008); To See As Artists See: American Art from The Phillips Collection (2010); and David Smith Invents (2011). Currently Dr. Frank is working on a project focused on early Picasso. Her publications include American Impressionists: Painters of Light and the Modern Landscape (2007); David Smith Invents (2011) and Master Paintings from The Phillips Collection (2011).

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